Acrylic Sign

Acrylic Sign has a high molecular weight with excellent stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance. This sheet is characterized by small batch processing, unmatched flexibility in color system and surface texture effects, and a full range of specifications for a variety of special applications.
1. Acrylic sheet should not be in the same place as other organic solvents, and should not be exposed to organic solvents.
2. The surface protective film or protective paper cannot be rubbed during transportation.
3. Can not be used in environments where the temperature exceeds 85 °C.
4. Only use 1% soapy water when cleaning acrylic sheet, use soapy water with soft cotton cloth, do not use hard objects or dry rub, otherwise the surface will be easily scratched.
5. The thermal expansion coefficient of the acrylic sheet is very large, and the expansion and contraction gap should be considered due to temperature changes.
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  • Custom Acrylic Sign Block Printing

    Custom Acrylic Sign Block Printing

    One-of-a-kind office trade show display custom Block! Made of clear solid block of Nano polished acrylic glass. We will print your logo and encoded barcode on the back of the block with our super advanced printing technique. If you have any questions or special requests,...Read More

  • UV Printing Acrylic Wall Mount Sign

    UV Printing Acrylic Wall Mount Sign

    Premium acrylic door number plates, stylish and durable. Customization is easy. Simply select the options of the plate size, background color, design style, text font, and enter your number or pattern. ‍ Add A Stylish And Bold Informative Push Pull Sign To Your Home Or...Read More

  • Restaurant Hotel Acrylic No Smoking Sign

    Restaurant Hotel Acrylic No Smoking Sign

    VISIBILITY: Any color "No Smoking Sign" is sure to catch the attention of smokers in your area. PREMIUM QUALITY : Crafted sign using premium, self-adhesive acrylic that won't warp, crack or tear due to weather. PRINTED: The graphics and the wordings will withstand any...Read More

  • Custom Personalized Aceylic Signs

    Custom Personalized Aceylic Signs

    Made of Acrylic,features uv printing different color Transparent side, open with screws,   Crafted for long-lasting indoor use. Create professional chalkboard signs for your home, business or special events. Easy to use, it can be hung directly on the door.Read More

  • Professional Custom Acrylic Signs

    Professional Custom Acrylic Signs

    The acrylic finish has a slightly glossy surface. This helps give the sign a professional visual impact, while also giving it a bright and bold appearance. Made using high-grade injection-molded plastic material. The molded material has enhanced strength, is extremely...Read More

  • Clear Acrylic Sign With UV Printed

    Clear Acrylic Sign With UV Printed

    UNIQUE DESIGN - Perfect to be used as hanging tag ornaments for Christmas Tree. The unique round design is a great idea to wow your guests! MULTIPLE USE - These beautiful holiday personalized ornaments are perfect to give as gifts, use as name tags for presents, perfect...Read More

  • Custom Logo Laser Cut 3d Acrylic Alphabet Letter

    Custom Logo Laser Cut 3d Acrylic Alphabet Letter

    Custom logo laser cut 3d acrylic alphabet letter Customized size Grade A environmetal friendly acrylic, no-toxic Nice look as company's logoRead More

  • Hot Hospital Clear Acrylic Wall Sign

    Hot Hospital Clear Acrylic Wall Sign

    With its ingenious design and unique style, it provides customers with exquisite plexiglass LOGO brand. Its appearance is crystal clear, the visual effect is clear, and it is elegant and noble in grade. The hospital signage allows the patient to get a signal as soon as...Read More

  • Print Love Logo Clear Acrylic Safety Signs

    Print Love Logo Clear Acrylic Safety Signs

    Compared with plastic and steel materials, acrylic materials have great advantages in making signage! It has good transparency, chemical stability, mechanical properties and weather resistance, easy to dye, easy to process, and beautiful appearance. It is destined to be more...Read More

  • White Red Cheap Acrylic Hotel Door Sign

    White Red Cheap Acrylic Hotel Door Sign

    Acrylic signboard, most of the domestic signs are made of acrylic materials, good material, easy to form, safe. This signboard itself is transparent acrylic, printing text and patterns on the back.The role of the signage is to play the role of signing, propaganda and...Read More

  • Black Rectangle Custom Acrylic Signs

    Black Rectangle Custom Acrylic Signs

    Want a unique sign to showcase your unique product? Does the box allow others to notice your product at a glance? Want to attract your customers to buy your products? Then come to a chic acrylic sign. This sign is the business card for your product. You can print the name of...Read More

  • Cute Shape Custom Clear Acrylic Signage

    Cute Shape Custom Clear Acrylic Signage

    The acrylic sign is a kind of sign used for signing, usually printed with a text pattern on it, in order to achieve the effect of a certain signage, the common sign is indicated in the mall sign, the supermarket indication, the safe channel indication. Acrylic signage refers...Read More

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