Large Acrylic Tray

  • Brown Large Acrylic Jewelry Tray

    Brown Large Acrylic Jewelry Tray

    This clear acrylic square tray is a light weight, low cost and stylish solution to displaying, presenting or holding your products in your retail space, supermarket, office, museum, hotel, reception area and many more. The large flat base ensures the stability of the tray...Read More

  • White Large Acrylic Sandwich Trays

    White Large Acrylic Sandwich Trays

    New Design Countertop White Large Acrylic Sandwich Trays Party Trays Picture Show This tray with Fluorescent can ctach people's eyes easily .also, the tray with handle on the 2 side, we can carry it or put it more convenient .this tray with large capacity, we can...Read More

  • Square Large Stacking

    Square Large Stacking

    Square large Stacking Acrylic Bed Tray Organizer Tray Picture Show This tray can be use for anywhere you have stuff. Moderb sliver acrylic color make this desk accessory organizes in not-so-plain create a good container for us to storage and display something we need...Read More

Ouke Acrylic is one of the leading large acrylic tray manufacturers and suppliers in China. with a group of high qualified and experienced personnel at your service, please rest assured to buy the quality and delicate large acrylic tray from our factory.
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